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Impersonal, formal, and generic do not have to describe what is in your checkbook. On the contrary, individualized, friendly, and distinctive could all be perfect descriptors for your personal checks. You can now get aninals on the background of your checks. Sure beats the cold, mass-produced bank symbols usually seen in the background!

What cashier or person wouldn't enjoy his or her day with with dog personal checks featuring the face of an spunky puppy, or how about some cat personal checks with an adorable kitten? An attractive, smile-producing embellishment not only makes your check writing process as pleasant as writing a check can be, but raises everyone else's spirits, if only for a second.

Picking the right animal for you personally isn't a big process either; there are so many to choose from! Enrich your checks with two ferrets playing tug-o'-war, a stately eagle with fearsome eyes, or a humming bird kissing an intensely red flower. Dolphins have been seen as being inspirational, smart, friendly, and fun. Improve your checks with these motivational creatures jumping, splashing, and flipping in the turbulence of a boat. Many other underwater creatures can be used to further personalize your checks; whether you want a bass arched in a leap out of the water, a colossal whale back flipping, or a lion fish with fins spread out like a peacock. Perhaps you would like a pack of wolves howling at a full moon on your check, or an owl, a horse, a bear, ever a pig! For the less-serious people, cartoon animals are even an option. The list goes on and on, and whatever animal it happens to be, a plump wide-eyed owl or a dreamy horse with a flowing mane, there is sure to be some animal that suits you.