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Basset Hound Checks

Basset Hound Checks

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Basset Hound Checks

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Very much well known for their stumpy long body and floppy long ears, Basset hounds are gentle, sweet and very devoted. They are well mannered by nature and are extremely peaceful. They will adapt to almost any family atmosphere and are exceptionally friendly and social dogs.

Also quite affectionate, Basset Hounds enjoy the presence of little kids. Although they were purposely bred to hunt and have exceptional sense of smell, Basset hounds are not aggressive. Basset hounds were bred for tracking down and hunting pheasant, hare, opossum and fox. They are perfect for hunters because they are slow-moving and hunters can easily keep up with them.

Basset Hounds love spending their time with their family as well as love just about any outdoor activity. Because of their happy-go-lucky disposition, they are perfect for just about anybody looking for a pet and a loving companion even to little children. Basset Hounds are patient with little children and they don not bite at all, even when their ears are being pulled.

Basset Hounds are not good as a watchdog or a guard dog. And although they like to be with people, when it comes to training, they can be pretty stubborn and considered as slow learners so they are difficult to housebreak.

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