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Betty Boop Personal Checks

Before there was Marilyn Monroe and before Madonna there was Betty Boop. The Betty Boop cartoon character captivated a nation with her speical mix of wide-eyed innocence and her not so subltle sensuality.

Betty Boop has become a sort of feminie icon with her baby face, independent attitude, womany charm long after her cartoon and human film career ended.

It seemed from the beginning of her appearances Betty had a hypnotic effect not on just about everyone... who could forget her classic "Just don't try to take her boop-oop-a-doop away!

From the start Betty Boop's acting had a almost hypnotic effect on the audience, not to mention Bimbo.

Betty Boop cartoons have found a huge fan base mainly in Europe, Asia and of course the US where she is a treasured artifact of American culture.

So is it a wonder that people want Betty Boop personal checks!

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