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Border Collie Checks

Border Collie Checks

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Border Collie Checks

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Perhaps no breed can compare to the Border Collie's attentiveness to training. Their aptitude is second to none with minds like sponges absorbing all tasks with eagerness and they have the willingness to please. For people who wants to compete in agility, obedience or herding trials, the Border Collie is the best dog that you can ever own.

Border Collie's naturally born herders, constantly busy and if they are not required to herd sheep, the owner must give them a task to keep them busy and contented or else they would round up anything that moves, including little children! In fact, one very common reason why people turn their Border Collie to a shelter is because they snap or nip at kids in the family. However, this is not because they are vicious this is a result of their herding instinct - To Border Collies, kids are livestock and when a Collie wants a little kid to do something and the kid will not cooperate, their instinct will tell them to push harder.

Because Border Collies are very energetic, they are not recommended for everyone as a pet. Border Collies are "workaholics" that's why they excel in competition as they listen well and do the job well.

For the lucky ones who has a Border Collie at home as companions and those who just love the handsome black and white face of these fellas, you'll be pleased to know that these amazing dogs are now available for you to love and admire in our personal check collection - alert face, ready to herd - our Border Collie checks are a delight to carry that captures the Border Collie's swift and active herding spirit making these Border Collie checks a practical pleasure you'll enjoy using every day.

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