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Bulldog Checks

Bulldog Checks

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Bulldog Checks

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A very distinctive breed indeed, the Bulldog, over the years, has dramatically changed. Bulldogs were bred for bear and bull-baiting which has defined their appearance - short muzzle and strong jaws were just right for tenaciously hanging onto a bull as well as their short back and front-heavy shoulders made it hard for bulls to shake them off.

Yes, today, the Bulldog still retains those physical appearances but the modern Bulldog's personality is entirely different. Very much far from their physical appearance, Bulldogs are gentle, loving companions who thrive for their family's attention yet demand a little.

Bulldogs love to play, but hardly ever initiate it. They have a passive, attentive and tolerant nature that makes them great with little kids, though older Bulldog pups can be clumsy and playfully strong for little toddlers. Adult Bulldogs are more passive and careful about play.

It is a misconception to say that Bulldogs are not smart. They are, in general, highly intelligent dogs but just prefer to cuddle, play and have you rub their tummies than learn obedience trick. Their true intelligence is subtle - Bulldogs are masters when it comes to figuring out things, especially working out how to get their way! For them, "NO" simply means "wait until I'm not looking" - they are excellent at pretending that they can not reach the bed or table... until you are not looking. Then, if that fails, they are good at acting pitiful that it makes your heart melt!

Bulldogs seem to understand that the pouty, sad, face and sigh can indeed get them almost anything! They have a "human-like" quality and be careful because a little shout can easily hurt their feelings. Bulldogs do not like exercise so they are the perfect pet for the inactive person!

For Bulldog lovers and dog owners out there, here's your chance to have your pet proudly displayed as your check background - it makes check writing more fun!

Our Bulldog check designs capture the very heart of this gentle and affectionate breed. Carry your best friend with you as a reminder of the enduring impression that your gentle Bulldog has on your life. Make check writing fun, make it a chance to smile each time you see those sad pouty face - order your Bulldog dog check designs now!