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Cartoon Personal Checks

Cartoon Personal Checks

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My friend once said: "I don't like writing out checks so I want to have a litte fun while I'm giving my money away." We agree with him, which is why we have included these fun and whimsical cartoons in our personal check collection.

Personal check designs certainly are new! Most people were lead to believe that they can only order checks thru the bank and nowhere else. In fact, soon as people knew that it was not illegal to put your favorite cartoon characters, portraits of animals, sports, movies, etc. on personal checks, so started the designer check craze.

They are fun alternative to boring standard bank checks plus you get to choose any design you want. Cartoon checks are very popular because they are colorful, funny and they give the chance to walk down memory lane each time you see your favorite cartoon character.

Remember Shrek and Donkey? They are my favorite characters who were not only funny but gave me a lot of lessons to live by too. Cartoons offer simple stories that create a simple point.

These cartoon designs will undoubtedly put a smile on your face each time you give a check away. Now that's the best part, smiling while you give your money away because the thing is, you donít really give away your money for nothing, you always get something in return Ė an item that you bought, a service that you needed and the smile of the person receiving your check.

Our cartoon personal check collections are available in Side tear checks and Duplicate checks. Side tear checks are very popular today because you can simply tear the checks off from the side. Duplicate checks conveniently provide you a copy of each check you write so that thereís no problem of recording your check transactions.

They also come with coordinating address cards and leather check cover so that means itís double the fun!

So have fun, be cool and make check issuing a chance to give out a SMILE. Order now!