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Deer Checks

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You can find the deer in all parts of the globe, except for Antarctica and Australia. There are roughly 100 kinds of deer that includes the caribou, whitetail deer, elk, reindeer, moose, blacktail deer and mule deer.

They belong to order Artiodactyle. Animals with hoofs having even number of toes are members of this group. Bucks, stags, bulls or harts are male deer while does, hinds or cows are female deer. Baby deer are referred to as fawns. Interestingly, fawns are protected by lack of scent and predators can not smell them.

Although the deer can very well adapt to any kind of habitat, they prefer living in the "edge". Edge are either natural or man-made habitat breaks, such as between woodlands and cropland the deer will go to the cropland or open land to graze and find shelter in the woods.

The deer have very acute senses as well as they see tremendously well in very low light. The deer can hear the snap of a twig several meters away. They are very intuitive; old people say they possess extrasensory perceptions - they can see even in the shadows and sense subtle movements.

The deer, to many, symbolize grace, gentleness, swiftness, intuition, abundance, safety, serenity and fertility.

When you observe the deer, you will be amazed at the powers they possess. For instance, they show us that they overcome testing situations in the woods through their gentleness.

Both Native and Celtic American hunters interestingly pray for good hunt to the deer. In return, the hunters promised to hunt only what they need for survival.

So when you receive a deer totem, be reminded that by being gentle, you can overcome your battle.

In honor of the deer's gentleness and agility, we have included the deer in our personal check collection for you to carry around and be captivated at the deer's graceful stance and the serene surroundings.

Each time you issue a check, you give someone a dear totem to wish them new opportunities to come their way and gentle love. Order now.