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Many of North America's wetlands had been lost and degraded because of the expansion of agriculture and the rise of cities. Regulations and the growing concern from people have slowed wetland loss, but degradation continues because of the uncontrollable environmental factors. Many organizations are involved to address the different aspects of the wetlands. One of this organizations focus on North America's water fowl. This organization is Ducks Unlimited.

Ducks unlimited is primarily concerned on the conservation, restoration and managing of wetlands and all other habitats therein for America's waterfowl. The preservation of these affects other habitats and humans alike.

If you are someone who wants to share in the preservation of north Americas wetlands which include the waterfowl there is one good way for you to just do that. This is through the Ducks Unlimited checks. Aside from telling people indirectly that we need to preserve our wetlands as you hand them one of these checks, you are also supporting the conservation efforts of Ducks unlimited because 10% of the proceeds goes directly to the said organization.

These duck personal checks come in four distinctive designs depicting the DU hunting designs and waterfowl designs. They come in two standard formats the single wallet and the wallet duplicate. Single wallet is the standard check format, top/side tear . The duplicate wallet is suggested for those who are not good in recording. Duplicate wallet is with the carbonless copy sheet that serves as a record of the written original check.

In term of security, checks are with security features that ensure protection from photocopying, and counterfeiting. Other security features are left undisclosed to have further protection. Some of the feature include the lock icon, micro security prints and the panel on reverse side. With these checks you don't have to worry because it is fully featured with security measures.

You can have matching checkbook covers and other accessories. Checkbook covers are made of quality materials such leather, embossed or embroidered. Other accessories include the Ducks unlimited labels or hunting labels, DU contact cards, DU hunting identity cards, deposit tickets, check registers and so on.

Avail of these checks and you can have the best deal especially if you are ordering for the first time. Prices area as low as $12.95 for single wallet and $15.95 for duplicates checks. Ordering is easy and secured. Your private information is strictly confidential and is secured within the system so no need to worry. Order these checks and help preserve America's wetlands and its waterfowl.