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Fairy Personal Checks

Fairy Personal Checks

Fairy Personal Checks

Fairy Personal Checks

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Fairy Personal Checks

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Fairy Personal Checks

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I have heard and read stories about fairies since I was very young. They have fascinated me and my imagination even now as an adult. There was even a time when I actually went to a forested area hoping to find one tiny winged creature to become my friend. I went home with nothing except dreams of these fascinating creatures.

Stories of fairies have been told for centuries. They are as old as human history is. Their origins as told and recorded also vary from age to age and from place to place. But a few things are in common in all these: that fairies are tiny little winged creatures, that generally they love to dance, they have magical powers and are mischievous. Their personalities are as many as their types as well. Some of the most known types are as follows.

1. Pixies - These cheerful and mischievous creatures who can take the form of a hedgehog are well known for their pranks. They love music and dancing.

2. Sprites - Spirit fairies. They change the color of leaves during fall as their job.

3. Fire Fairies - either they are flame or elementals. They have the ability to create and destroy.

4. Garden fairies - They dance and play among the flowers with flowing gowns and transparent wings. At dawn they pour out blessings upon the word.

5. Sylphs - Spirit fairies of the air. They are surrounded by a glow, transparent and elusive.

6. Selkies - They are found in seas and oceans, first appearing as seals and becoming beautiful women when they shed their skin.

7. Dryads - Spirit fairies of the trees.

Whether real or not, fairies are already part of human history and imagination. It is something about their being mysterious and magical that attracts people them. The most famous of all these fairies is Tinker bell. She is actually an ordinary fairy mending pots and kettles and so the name tinker. Like a true fairy Tinker bell is sometimes mischievous and vindictive. At other times she is helpful and kind particularly to Peter Pan. The extremes in her personality are explained to be associated to her size. She could only take one emotion at a time.

If fairies fascinate you and you want to have their magic and mystery with you all the time fairy personal checks would just do that. You can choose from several designs like the Magic and Mischief designs by Amy Brown showing unique personalities and whimsical charm of fairies. Or you can choose the Sea Spirits Checks with a picture of the enchantresses of the deep blue. There are several other designs you can choose from.