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Greyhound Checks

Greyhound Checks

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Greyhound Checks

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Swift as a beam of light and graceful like a swallow, the Greyhound is one of the purest and oldest of breeds. This breed has participated on nearly all types of small game however the hare or rabbit is the Greyhound's natural quarry.

For many years Greyhounds were bred to hunt their prey by outrunning them. Today, they are made to race. The fastest breed of dog, Greyhounds reaches top speed of about 45mph. Selective breeding resulted to the Greyhound's athletic body yet with the gracefulness as that of a dancer. Moreover, the Greyhound is highly intelligent as they need to foresee the evasive movements of their prey.

Although used generally as a racing dog, the Greyhound stands out being a pet at home. He easily distracted, is sensitive, and to some extent upset by bustle and noise. The Greyhound is good with caring kids past the age of 5, and gets along very well with other dogs but not cats ' this hunter may regard the cat as prey and run after them if there is an opportunity.

Unlike most dogs breeds that need to be socialized while puppies so to soften their dominant nature, Greyhounds require early socialization so to give it self-assurance and build confidence. In fact, a Greyhound pup that is not used to people and noise can be overly fearful of persistent or loud sounds and will be nervous with strangers. Greyhounds however, are very loving and friendly towards their family.

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These graceful dancers come alive in each page showcasing their beauty and charm. So don't just sit there ' as long as you're here, order a Greyhound check now and show everyone that you are a true blue dog lover!