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Happy Bunny Personal Checks

Happy Bunny Personal Checks

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This huggable and cute bunny that speaks his mind out is a big hit. Happy Bunny is in everything: t-shirts, stickers, books, greeting cards, shot glasses, energy drinks and yes, even on toilet paper and breath mints.

Happy Bunny throws some insults and some good quotes too, with his ear to ear smile. While a charming name, Happy Bunny is simply illustrated yet there's something in his character that gives us a new way of facing life - the happy bunny attitude is something new for today's generation.

Why is Happy Bunny so popular? One teenager had this to say: "It says just what you would want to say, if you could, out loud."

Happy Bunny is now in personal checks so you too, can speak out!

Our collection of Happy Bunny personal checks includes 4 happy designs each in happy colors with candid yet encouraging. Check out these happy bunny designs:

- White "It's Happy Bunny" in an attractive pink background who emphasizes "I'm not spoiled. I deserve all my stuff."

- Pink "It's Happy Bunny" in a red strong red background with pink border who announces strongly "It's all about me. Deal with it." Telling everyone to accept you for who you are.

- Blue "It's Happy Bunny" with a playful green background and blue border who shouts out for attention saying "Let's focus on me."

- Yellow "It's Happy Bunny" in a purple background and yellow border, who acknowledges the fact that "Nobody's perfect. I'm as close as it gets."

Skillfully re-created in premium-quality check printing, all you need to do now is to decide which happy bunny shouts out your personality. Order now.