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I Love Lucy Checks

I Love Lucy Checks

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I love Lucy is a TV situational comedy which originally ran from 1951 to 1957 on CBS. it won four Emmy Awards and received numerous nominations. In 2002, it was among the most popular TV sitcoms, just behind Seinfeld and ahead of honeymooners. In 2007, time magazine lists it as one of the best TV shows of all time. In the united States it was the most watched in four of its six seasons. The key to the success of I love Lucy is the fact that it related more to the domestic life of the 50s.

For sure if it would be shown again on TV it will soar up to popularity once again. If you have been a fan of th sitcom I love Lucy it would be great for you to have something for you to remember the show. One of the suggestion for you to just to have this is through the I Love Lucy checks.

You can choose from several designs with the hilarious and mischievous Lucy right on your check. You may also choose the Baby Lucy Checks. Lucy�s signature red hair and bubbly personality are celebrated with these adorable dolls created in her likeness.

These checks come with their corresponding accessories like address labels, a personal card and a matching leather checkbook cover. Other accessories are available for orders are, family planner, organizer, stamps, fraud prevention pens deposit tickets and check registers.

Format for these checks are in one-part and duplicate check formats. The only difference between the two is that while one part is the basic standard check, duplicate is the check made with the the ability to copy original checks and keep the copy as your personal check record. No more worries about forgotten records.

With security these I love Lucy checks are made in such as way that they are protected with security features against fraud, photocopying and tampering. One obvious security feature is the lock icon just beside the word Dollars. Another that is obvious is the security screen panel at the reverse of the checks.

So why don't you order your I love Lucy cards checks now? If it is your first time to order you are eligible for special 49 cents price on the second box of checks you order. And if purchase two boxes of checks, one set of matching labels and a checkbook cover you'll get a five dollar discount. Order your I love Lucy checks now.