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Personal Checks - Order Checks Online - Best Price and Selection!

Looking for the best deals and selection on personal and business checks? Then you have come to the right place. We have sourced checks from the best check printers in the country and selected only the cheapest and most beautiful and unique designer check styles, and made them available to you at the best price possible.

You can save about 50% off the usual price that the banks charge by ordering them online. The main reason for the low price is that when you order online, you order directly from the check printing company (which also prints checks for the banks). It's also very easy to order checks online, and your checks get to you faster than when you order from the banks.


A Few Popular Check Designs


Personalized Photo Checks

Another popular thing people do is get photos as the backgrounds of their checks. So for example you could put a family pictures, a picture of your grandkids, maybe your dog or cat, wedding pictures... it could be whatever photos you want! How cool is that.

Photo Checks
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Personal Checks As Individual As You!

We have personal checks for almost any taste! There are so many designs to pick from that you'll always find at least a few designs to match your personality and lifestyle.

It doesn't matter you are simply looking for plain good old cheap personals checks or if you are a trend setter and would like something a bit more fashion forward with artistic flair and color, like ivy, circles and dots, swirls and twirls, we have every kind of designer check you can imagine from cute little skulls to heels to cupcakes!

Maybe you love dogs and are looking for breed specific dog personal checks, or what to take it one step further and put pictures of Fido on your checks. If you're a cat lover and looking for cute adorable kitten checks we carry those as well.

If you love Disney we have tons of Disney checks including Tinkerbell checks, Mickey Mouse, Disney Princess, Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice In Wonderland and much more! Are you into cartoons? Then maybe our Hello Kitty Checks or even My Little Pony or Strawberry Shortcake are are more up your alley.

Do you love Fairies and other mystical creatures then we have lots of super cool fairly checks and other out of this world fantasy checks by artists such by Amy Brown.

Looking for a more vintage feel to take you back to simpler times or rekindle childhood memories, then consider Betty Boop checks, I love Lucy, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis or Wizard of Oz, these are some of the most popular special edition checks we carry.

Love Football and looking for NFL personal checks well you can still support your favorite college team with collage football checks, or maybe you just love baseball and want MLB personal checks, we also have NHL and NBA. If you are more into racing well guess what we have special edition NASCAR checks as well.

Maybe you're a patriot, proud of your country and what to show it then our American checks category is for you, in it you'll find Military, Firefighter and much more. If you are African American you can also celebrate your heritage with African American checks.


Support Causes Dear To You

One way you can support charities, foundations and other non-for profit organizations is by busying their personal checks. A big part of the proceeds from the sale of these checks goes straight to the organization.

Another benefit to buying non-profit checks such as breast cancer checks, autism, ducks unlimited checks etc... is that you spread the message without saying a word. By paying people with your cause themed checks you raise awareness and help your cause in a unique way.

The same logic applies to religious checks, for example paying someone with Christian personal checks can start conversations and a persons faith and other deeper issues.

Do you consider yourself an environmentalist, then maybe consider buying environmental topic personal checks who's proceed go towards environmental, wildlife and conservation organizations. Most of the checks in the environment category are made from 100% recycled paper as well so your can keep your footprint small.


We Have Business Checks As Well!

Are you looking for business personal checks? Maybe checks to pay your suppliers or payroll checks to pay employees? Do you maybe need business check that are compatible with Quickbooks, SimplyAccounting or other popular accounting software? Don't worry we have you covered with a nice selection of business checks and accessories.


Personal Checks Are Not Going Away

Although it may seem more convenient to pay electronically with credit cards or debit cards, keeping personal checks in your purse is still helpful for many reasons. In reality, there are many financial transactions for which using a credit card or debit card is just not an option and we all know that carrying larger amounts of cash is not safe.

You'll need personal checks if you have to exchange money for something, but you don't have cash and it's impossible to swipe a card. Writing a check is also the best way of exchanging money with a relative or a friend, paying the baby sitter, donating to a charity, giving a money gift at a wedding, offering to a church and many more financial transactions. It's also a great way to control your spending habits. Even though it takes a little more time to pay in check as you shop than paying electronically, it lets you think more about the amount you'll spend, and because it's not credit you only spend the money you have.

Writing personal checks is often not a fun thing to do because it means you're giving out the money you earned hard. A great way to put a smile on your face as you write one is to use themed personal checks.