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Maltese Checks

Maltese Checks

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Maltese are famous for their white, silky long hair - their crowning glory. These beautiful dogs are affectionate, gentle-mannered yet animated and playful. Despite its small size, the Maltese possesses the energy needed for an excellent companion.

Maltese are true lap dogs. True to their name, they usually will lie contentedly on their owner's lap when relaxing - their sole purpose is to be constantly as near as possible to their. This loving nature of the Maltese has earned them the reputation of being the best therapy dogs in the world.

With their tiny size, the Maltese seem also, not to fear anything. A lot of Maltese relatively seem unresponsive to animal much bigger than them, which makes these beauties very friendly with other dogs and yes, even cats. As puppies, Maltese are playful and lively, but even as they grow old, their level of energy and playfulness does not lessen-they will still be playful, but prefer to play with you right on your lap!

They make great pets for apartment dwellers as they don't need much exercise. They do not shed too, which makes them great companions for people with allergies. Their affection, loyalty and trust have made these beauties a popular breed choice for almost 28 centuries.

For lucky and proud owners of a Maltese dog and those of you who admire these affectionate, gentle-mannered beauties, these Maltese personal checks are for you! Each portrait perfectly captures the charming spirit of your loving Maltese companion - sparkling dark eyes, button noses, and uncanny ability to "smile" with pure innocent joy - they'll win your heart over and over again!

Eye-catching and wonderfully practical, you're sure to enjoy every opportunity to use these Maltese dog breed checks! Hey, these dogs will make check writing fun! Carry your best friend with you as a reminder of the enduring impression that your faithful Maltese has on your life - order your "Maltese" dog lover check designs now and get ready for some attention!