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Microsoft Money Checks

Microsoft Money Checks

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Microsoft Money Checks are business and personal checks available in different designs which allow you to print the check information on your home laser or Inkjet printer using the Microsoft Money Check printing software.

But the Microsoft Money check printing does more than just allow you to print those details on those blank checks you ordered online. Microsoft Money is known to be the best printing and accounting software because it incorporates the latest features needed by businesses for financial upkeep.

With Microsoft Money checks, you can include all the information you want in your check to suit your business needs. The information can include the logo of your company, any photo that you want as check background and short description of your business service or product.

There are various design selections as well provided by OnlyChecks that you can use as Microsoft Check backgrounds such as Biblical themes, American flag, Professions and cool simple prints.

These fine quality checks are supplied on 8-1/2" x 11" sheets and are suitable for both laser and ink-jet printers. Simply place the sheets into the tray of your printer, type in the information and print away! Three convenient check formats are available online: Laser 3 Per-Page, Laser Check-Voucher, and Laser Wallet Size Checks.

Microsoft checks are best for business because they look professional and if you include your company logo and service or product description, they are also great ways to advertise your business.

But Microsoft checks works well with individuals who prefer printing out checks than handwriting them and who would benefit from the extra features of the Microsoft Money software.

Order now and experience the benefits!