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Printing business checks from your laser or Inkjet printer? That's a good idea. In fact, more and more small business owners are discovering the benefits of printing business checks rather than being handwritten. And what are these benefits? Well, for one, printing business checks look more professional - and this is very important as you want to give a very good and lasting impression to your customers, suppliers or to anyone you hand out your check to.

Before you can print business checks though, you need to have a check printing software where you can be able to enter all the information then print. One very well-known check printing software is MS Money. And if you print your business check using MS Money as your platform, then now, that check is called MS Money check.

Before you can also print out your MS Money check, you need to have pre-designed blank business check which you can easily order online through OnlyChecks. These are called blank checks because the only information that is shown here are your bank account number, check number and routing number - other information you want to include you can do that when you use your MS Money software to print the check.

But blank checks are not really blank as they come in various background colors, simple prints and muted photos of Professional designs include restaurants, salons, contractors and other themes. The selection is pretty vast, so there's one that can speak for and about your business.

These fine quality checks from OnlyChecks are supplied on 8-1/2'' x 11'' sheets and are suitable for both laser and ink-jet printers. Simply place the sheets into your printer and you're ready to go!

Some people want more in their MS Money checks. They want to put their own photo as background such as their company building or logo, include their website address and even add a short description of their products or services. That can be done too. OnlyChecks offers custom photo MS Money Checks - to do this you simply upload a photo that you want featured in the background of your check, then you manipulate until it's to your liking and that's it... the check printers take care of the rest.

Don't wait a moment more. Time is precious - Order MS Money checks now.