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Computer checks - yes, everyone's using them these days! Why? Computer checks make your checks look professional, they are convenient and easy to line up in your computer for printing!

Computer checks are in fact business or personal checks that you order online where instead of filling out check details by hand, you print them using your laser or inkjet printer at home.

But before you can print anything in your check, you need a check printing software and one very popular check printing software these days is Quickbooks. So that checks that you print using Quickbooks as your printing platform are called Quickbooks checks.

These fine quality checks are supplied on 8-1/2" x 11" sheets and are suitable for both laser and ink-jet printers. QuickBooks checks from OnlyChecks are pre-printed to match exactly your QuickBooks printing software specifications. Simply place the sheets into the tray of your printer and you're ready to go! Three convenient check formats are available online from OnlyChecks: Laser 3 Per-Page, Laser Check-Voucher, and Laser Wallet Size Checks.

OnlyChecks offers a wide selection of check designs for Quickbooks checks from plain and simple backgrounds to cool scenic places. The best part is, you can customize your Quickbooks checks according to your business needs. Want to include your company logo at the right corner of your check? Want a picture of your office interior as your check background? Want to include a short description of your services? All these are possible.

And there's more - Quickbooks check printing software is also an accounting system that is simple to use and lets you manage your finances effectively. No wonder why most businesses use it for writing payroll checks as well as pay for company expenses.

So don't just sit there, if you are a business owner or a person who just needs help with printing out checks, you definitely need Quickbooks checks - browse through our website and order your Quickbooks checks now.