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Recycled Checks

All CheckGallery checks are printed with soy-based ink on recycled 24lb. MICR bond paper. When you order your checks from CheckGallery, you connect with nature in more ways than one.

Recycled Checks

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More and more natural catastrophic events are occurring every year as people continue to be insensitive and unconcerned about the care of the environment. We are experiencing the effects of global warming that is becoming more intense as time goes on. But the past decade we also see a growing movement to save and help take care of our environment. We now see governments going into alternative fuel sources to reduce air pollution. Many countries have also regulated and banned many pesticides and fertilizer that are harmful both to humans and the environment. One of the efforts in saving and helping our environment is recycling of paper. Paper is recycled to reduce the cutting of trees which are essential to the environment.

This concern and move to recycle paper has included even the making of personal checks. This checks are made from recycled paper. The ink used for these checks are all environmentally friendly ink such as the soy based ink. These checks are for those who would truly like to join in the move to save and help our own home, the earth for ourselves now and for our future generations.

With these checks you are helping reduce cutting of trees and at the same time sharing this concern to anyone you hand your checks to. Everyone who receives your checks could not help but look at your checks which bears messages and depictions regarding the environment . Under this category of checks you can choose from many designs most of which depicts nature and our environment. Beautiful wildlife inspired designs are also included. With your purchase of recycled checks you also give part of the pay to causes and organizations. Some are animal organizations, environmental organizations and social organizations.

The formats available for recycled personal checks are the standard wallet single format and the duplicate format. For those who have difficulty recording the duplicate format is suggested because it keeps a carbon less copy of the original check every time its torn out from the book.

These environmentally friendly checks come with matching accessories and more that will help you with your financial management. Some of the accessories you can order with recycled checks are check book covers made from quality material, address labels, stamps, check registers deposit tickets, calculators and so on.

So, why don't you purchase recycled checks for your personal use and contribute a little to the preservation of our home, the earth, for future generations. Recycled checks, the environmentally friendly checks - the way of the future.