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Scottie Checks

Scottie Checks

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Scottie Checks

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Jaunty attitude, unique appearance and somewhat inseparable association to its homeland are some reasons that made the Scottish Terrier a very popular breed - this dog's image was used to adorn accessories such as skirts and barrettes, greeting cards, purse, sweaters and even wrapping paper and clothing. Not only that, these dogs also appeared in many TV commercials.

However, the Scottish terrier's personality is not always consistent with how the public sees him to be - a stylish trademark. Rather they are pretty much like the people his homeland - an independent, patient canine but armed with fierce loyalty and stubborn devotion to privacy.

These Scottie qualities make him an excellent companion choice for nothing less than America's President. Fala, President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Scottie was always trotting beside him! A faithful companion indeed! Scotties, much like other terriers, have a mind of their own but is reserved and very particular with people - not having any interest with anybody but the people in his own family. Yes, a one-man companion, Scotties are very much sensitive to their master's moods.

For lucky and proud owners of Scotties and those of you who admire these charming and good-looking fellas, these Scottie personal checks are for you!

Each portrait perfectly captures the spirited courage and intelligence that makes Scotties so loved - curled coats, perky ears, and signature beards - they'll win your heart over and over again! Eye-catching and wonderfully practical, you're sure to enjoy every opportunity to use these Scottie dog breed checks! Not only are they a loving reminder of your feisty friend, hey, these dogs will make check writing fun!

Carry your best friend with you as a reminder of the enduring impression that your faithful Scottie has on your life - order your "Scottie" dog lover check designs now!