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If you didn't find the special interest design were looking for don't worry... you can simply search for it using the search bar at the top of this page!

Well, it comes time to buy new checks, why not get creative this time and express your artistic side. Just a bit of a warning you might find it hard to narrow it down. There is more than just fine art checks. There is Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh and many more. Going a bit more contemporary, you can get classic Norman Rockwell personal checks. Even with the popular Thomas Kinkade personal checks you will have trouble choosing a favorite.

Another stylistic form is simply patterns and textures. Patterns look great on checks and really give them a much needed flair and style. There are many different kinds of patters you can choose from, anything from plaid to swirls, from paisley to argyle. Textures on the other hand give an appearance of more depth and add a third dimension of sorts... the most popular textures include marble and woven fabric like patterns. A marble check designs in particular give them a more professional look and feel.

If you like Southwestern designs, check those out. Don't worry you can't believe the array of different motifs available. Do you want an Indian blanket design or one with Hopi pottery? Maybe one with silver and turquoise jewelry would suit you. Or how about images from paintings of Southwest Indians. Then there some snappy designs... including one with red chilies on them.

Moving on to watercolors... do you like watercolor landscape personal check designs or floral checks? The options are endless. Roses seemed like a great choice (they are my favorite flower). Pink, red, yellow what color to choose. A single bloom, a bud or a full bouquet. So many beautiful flowers depicted in so many ways. you could spend a whole day just looking at those :)

Then you can start looking at the whimsical designs. You'll get enthralled with the choices. Many of the 'whimsies' include the best witticisms. You would just have to read them for yourself to fully appreciate them. They seemed almost like greeting cards. In a way, that is what they were. Why not fall in love a cute whimsical little bunny personal checks!

What will probably happen is you'll wind up getting one book of each of my favorite stylistic designs. This will give me a supply of checks for many years!