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Tim Mcgraw Checks

Tim Mcgraw Checks

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The American country music singer, Tim Mcgraw, has achieved many number one hits on the country singles and album charts. He has won 3 Grammys, 11 Academy of Country Music awards, 10 Country Music Association awards, ( American Music Awards and 3 people's Choice Awards. He has excess sales of 40 million units. Another achievement he made was with his wife Faith Hill in 2006, making the highest grossing tour in all of country music's history.

With his achievements he has made a fan with many. You might even be one of them. Fans always would want to have something of the people they admire with them such as pictures, caps, pins and so on. And if you are real fan of Tim Mcgraw it will be great for you to have Tim Mcgraw checks.

These checks like all others come in two standard formats, the single wallet and Duplicate wallet format. For those who always miss recording, the duplicate wallet format is suggested for you. It has a carbonless automatic copy of the original. This copy can serve as a record. The single wallet format is the standard conventional format.

With these checks you don't have to worry about security, because they have security features for protection. One of the most obvious feature you will see is the lock icon just beside the word Dollars. Another is the protection panel on the reverse of the check. Other features cannot easily seen such as the microprints and other features for added protection.

These checks have several designs with Tin Mcgraw's pictures. It would be great for you to be writing and handing these checks with your celebrity idol's picture on them adding inspiration to your day. Having these checks could also spark wonderful conversation once you hand one over.

Tim Mcgraw checks also come with matching accessories. You can have with it the Tim McGraw Embossed Leather Checkbook Cover. You can also order with the Tim Mcgraw labels still with his pictures plus your name and address.

If its your first time to order you get a special offer of 49 cents on the second box of checks. With all these features and designs this is a very good offer. You can also save 5 dollars savings purchase two boxes of checks, one set of labels and a checkbook cover. So, why don't you order Tim Mcgraw checks and have something to inspire you every time you write a check or hand over one.