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Serving as the most popular mode of transportation, the car may only serve a means to an end for some, while others treat their vehicles like children. For some, it is the brand that holds a special place in their heart, so when they come across a set of personal checks that display one of the most popular American-made sports cars (the Corvette), they are quickly deemed a must-have.

One particular brand of car-themed check sets showcases eight different Corvette models in shades of powder blue, red, orange, yellow, and sleek white, while others display hot rods, racing cars, Ford Mustangs, and the Chevy SS. The power and intimidation of muscle cars, much like the style that ripped through the air in the "Dukes of Hazzard," television shows are also included in the car-related theme of checks. You may even relive the days of scattering the infinite number of brilliantly colored Hot Wheel cars you might have collected as a youngster.

When it comes to the personal check set that pays tribute to the invention of the truck, you will find a variety of themes on the market. Depending on your preference, you could show your love for famously branded trucks, as Chevys and Fords decorate various check selections. Perhaps, you are a true trucker by design and shuffle along the wide-open highways with a big rig by your side. A variety of colors and routes may decorate the personal check set of your choice.

Are you part of the brave men and women that fight the raging blazes of fire-ridden buildings? You may show your pride by choosing checks that reflect the regal nature of an antique, shiny fire truck with side ladder to the modern monsters equipped with the latest technology.

Whether you've eyed a Harley Davidson since you could ride a bike or you continuously fine-tune your rusty veteran residing in the garage, a checkbook displaying motorcycles (especially a Harley) creates quite the impressive energy. Against the backdrop of dusty side roads, concrete jungle streets, and endless green pastures, there are personal check sets that offer a look at the current-model Harleys on the market, accompanied by the infamous emblem that sits in the corner.

With the unwavering image of the American flag decorating the background, you may also enjoy the personal check that not only pays homage to the 1969 flick, "Easy Rider," but also showcases one of the most popular Harley Davidson creations to date. Additional motorcycle selections may showcase dirt bikes, street bikes, BMX bikes, as well as the rides that assist highway patrol and other city police officers in the line of duty.

When it comes to transportation-related personal checks, the open road is not the only scene that attracts consumers. Surrounded by miles of open ocean water or simply puttering along on a private lake, boats are a popular form of transport that over the years has reached new levels of personalization. Whether you like to participate in sailboat competitions or enjoy watching the multi-million dollar yachts that pass through the Florida Keys, you may enjoy the ripples of deep blue water or the backdrop of a summer sunset that accompanies the boats featured on a personal check set. Additional boat-related options also include showing support for crisp Navy fleets and the ultra-protective Coast Guard.