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Welsh Corgi Checks

Welsh Corgi Checks

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Welsh Corgi Checks

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Made well-known by Queen Elizabeth II who had 4 of them as companions, Welsh Corgis are bundles of fun, devoted and affectionate dogs.

According to a legend Welsh Corgis were given by woodland fairies as a gift and that these dogs still carries with them the markings of fairy harness on their coat. Whatever they originate from, one can not question the suitability the Welsh Corgi as an esteemed pet - even-tempered, loyal, confident, cheerful and enjoys participating in family activities - all great qualities for a good companion.

Like all herding breeds, caring for "their family" comes naturally. Consequently, Welsh Corgi can be aloof with other dogs and strangers especially when they recognize danger. In fact, a lot of these courageous dogs have already lost their lives protecting their homes because they were too little for the situation. Although friendly and playful, Corgis are not good with kids and toddlers as they sometimes try to herd them by nipping their heels - if trained at an early age however, Corgis can avoid doing this. These herders are also great alarm barkers.

For lucky and proud owners of Welsh Corgi and those of you who admire these devoted, brave and intelligent fellas, these Welsh Corgi personal checks are for you! Each portrait perfectly captures the alert, devoted and watchful spirit of your loving Welsh Corgi - inquisitive eyes, big ears and happy Corgi "smiles" - they'll win your heart over and over again! Eye-catching and wonderfully practical, you're sure to enjoy every opportunity to use these Welsh corgi dog breed checks! Hey, these dogs will make check writing fun!

Carry your best friend with you as a reminder of the enduring impression that your faithful Welsh Corgi has on your life - order your "Welsh Corgi" dog lover check designs now!