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Wolf Checks

Wolf Checks

Wolf Checks

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Wolf Checks

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Running thirty five miles a day hunting their prey, wolves embody power and stamina. Sad to say however, they are misunderstood and have a reputation of being merciless killers.

Wolves, in reality are sociable and friendly animals and avoid aggression preferring to create a stance or growl if they want to demonstrate dominance. In many places wolves are considered endangered which is why a lot of wolf organizations were formed and, with government agencies, they work to save these enchanted creatures as well as educate individuals about them.

Because of the wolves' independent spirit, people feared it. But, many also respect the wolf and even say that when we closely observe the wolf, they can teach us to trust our instincts. The wolf had inspired many how to have the courage to face life's problems.

Interestingly, though wolves live in packs and display proper manners to all members, they still can keep their individuality. Like most animals living in groups or packs, wolves have developed different methods to communicate - through facial expression, tail stances, body postures and through their vocals: whines, yelps, growls and howl.

Howling is the wolf's way of locating lost members, strengthen pack unity and create territorial boundaries. But because the sound is hair-raising and the wolf seems to look at the sky when it howls, many say the wolf is worshiping the Moon.

In many parts of the world, the Wolf is a representation of valor. According to the Romans, their city started with a Wolf suckling Remus and Romulus. The Celtic god had a Wolf as his closest companion. The Norse tribe in Iceland claimed they descended from the Wolf. The Baltic people believe that the wolf had power to talk with Unseen Forces so for them, the wolf is their guide into the Other Side.

The wolf is always there for his pack members, leading their way and being there just when he is needed. This teaches us to be there for our family and friends when they need us.

This remarkable being, the wolf is given special honor. We have included the wolf's portrait in our personal check collection, capturing the wolf�s powerful stance, intriguing gaze and haunting howls. Find inspiration from the wolf or better yet, educate others about the wolves' gentle and loving qualities not seen by others. Do this with our wolf personal checks. The wolves will be thankful! Order now!